The Forest Curriculum is a platform for co-learning through "indisciplinary" research, art practice and curation, and collaborations and organisations on the ground. Founded by Abhijan Toto and Pujita Guha but intended to be collaborative and nomadic, The Forest Curriculum is multi-sited and thinks with the forested belt of South and Southeast Asia.


Hosting Lands

The Forest Curriculum is co-curating Hosting Lands, an exhibition that will emerge over three years and move between multiple sites in Denmark, working with collaborators and practitioners from Denmark, South Korea, India, Puerto Rico, and Tunisia. Subtitled 'Between the Ruin, the Field and the Forest', the project will involve the "legal commoning" and reimagining of farmland sites. The exhibition's manifesto describes aims to generate "inter-local conversations" that combine anti-colonial critique with situated practices of rethinking land and community.

Hosting Lands

Hosting Lands' projected timeline. Image source: Hosting Lands [graphic]. Retrieved 10 January 2022, from https://hostinglands.com/english

Although digital technologies are not central to Hosting Lands' aims, I became interested in the exhibition and in The Forest Curriculum's wider work as projects that, in working to assemble translocal networks of forest knowledges, practices, and pedagogies that challenge colonial and national frameworks, necessarily engage with digital infrastructures of building connections across space and time. In addition, these durational and multi-sited projects at the intersections of art, social, and environmental practice can also generate questions around the exclusions or violences that digital technologies in forests might (re)produces.

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