BioCap is an organisation founded by Ed Cooper to support the creation of new wildlife habitats across West Berkshire. Cooper has been developing a data-driven regional spatial plan or 'opportunity map' to guide environmental decisions made by landowners, and started the West Berkshire Natural Solutions Delivery Partnership.

West Berkshire Biodiversity Opportunity Map

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BioCap Opportunity Map. Image source: BioCap [image]. Retrieved 22 June 2022, from https://www.biocap.org.uk

BioCap's West Berkshire Opportunity Map seeks to identify specific areas for habitat expansion and tree planting. The map combines existing datasets with new data collected from the region, and represents these using GIS .

BioCap is involved in several pilot projects with local landowners, and proposed a regional market of carbon offsetting that links local businesses and individuals to landowners involved in carbon capture and biodiversity projects. BioCap is also working with the technology company IMGeospatial on AI and machine learning technologies for data collection and monitoring.

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