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In this episode of Smart Forest Radio, we invite Emmy Primadona and Famila Juniarti from the Indonesian Conservation Community Warsi to discuss the implementation of carbon funds in the landscape of Bukit Panjang Rantau Bayur, commonly abbreviated as Bujang Raba, located in the Bungo regency, Jambi province. Emmy discusses how she assures the community that the funding that comes from the carbon project does not mean they are selling their forests but rather demonstrates how the international community values community conservation efforts.

Interviewer: Yuti Ariani Fatimah

Producer: Harry Murdoch

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Language note: This interview takes place in Indonesian.

This radio episode was produced by the Smart Forests project funded by the European Research Council. Smart Forests is led by Professor Jennifer Gabrys and is based in the Department of Sociology at the University of Cambridge.

Header image: The community-owned land next to Sungai Telang village forest. Image source: Yuti Ariani Fatimah (2023).

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