The Forest Ecology and Conservation Group (or Coomes Lab) is a team of researchers in the Conservation Research Institute and the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Cambridge. The group uses high-resolution remote sensing to understand how forests are responding to global environmental change, with projects exploring forest biodiversity , conservation, and ecological dynamics. Research from the group also contributes to the University of Cambridge Centre for Earth Observation.

Airborne Laser Scanning

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Screenshot of airborne laser scanning diagram, Coomes Lab. Image source: Forest Ecology and Conservation Group [screenshot]. Retrieved 19 June 2022, from https://coomeslab.org/projects/

Researchers in the Forest Ecology and Conservation Group are using airborne laser scanning (ALS) and hyperspectral imaging to examine individual trees and the forest canopy over large areas, with a focus on the impacts of logging, deforestation , and forest conversion to oil palm. They are also interested in how the imaging data offered by these technologies can support plant species identification and forest biodiversity and biomass estimation.

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