Vodafone Romania is leading on Prima Pădure Smart, a project utilising digital technology in efforts to tackle ongoing illegal deforestation in Romania's old-growth forests. The project uses Vodafone's 4G 'Supernet' to connect an IoT network of acoustic sensors able to detect sounds of logging.

Prima Pădure Smart Technology

Screengrab from the promotional video for Prima Pădure Smart. Image source: Vodafone Romania [screengrab]. Retrieved 1 August 2022, from https://www.vodafone.com/news/planet/using-iot-prevent-illegal-logging-romania

Prima Pădure Smart uses a network of solar-powered Guardian devices designed by rainforest -connection-rfcx/">Rainforest Connection. Vodafone's Supernet connects devices in the forest to a cloud platform through which AI detects logging sounds. Forest rangers and administrators receive real-time alerts with geolocated data, with the aim of facilitating faster response to acts of deforestation .

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