The Land Accelerator is a World Resouce Institute's program for building a global network to link multiple stakeholders with entrepreneurship opportunities for restoring degraded forests and farmlands. The network relies on several digital tools to articulate communication and investment channels. These operations raise questions on how global networks can assist or restrict diverse forms of participation in restoration decision-making processes.

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Business models for forest restoration

The Land Accelerator connects online and in-person boot camps to assist restoration projects in Africa, Latin America, and South Asia to foster entrepreneurship skills through personalized mentorship. This capacity-building process is expected to empower entrepreneurs to access investments and develop local businesses more effectively. According to the program, 191 entrepreneurs have participated in these activities, resulting in the plantation of 22 million trees across 46 countries.

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Screenshot of the Land Accelerator Latin American program. Image source: Initiative 20x20 Secretariat. Retrieved 23 June 2022, from https://initiative20x20.org/news/meet-15-entrepreneurs-restoring-latin-americas-farms-and-forests

Land Accelerator Africa

The Land Accelerator Africa was launched in 2018 as the world’s first training program for restoration businesses. The program was designed to equip African entrepreneurs with networking opportunities to support the AFR100 Initiative’s objective of restoring 100 million hectares of land by 2030. This African program has worked with 104 entrepreneurs across 34 countries. Global activities centered on training and lessons from experts to consolidate local start-ups can generate critical issues about the forms of knowledge and practices that are recognized and mobilized to scale up restoration. Here, it's important to question - what are the local values incorporated to formulate business approaches beyond financial accounting frameworks?

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