SlothBot is an environmental monitoring robot designed by engineers at the Georgia Institute of Technology interested in using ' slowness as a design principle'. The robot is solar-powered and only moves when necessary as it monitors temperature, weather, and carbon dioxide levels. SlothBot is currently installed in Storza Woods, a secondary growth hardwood forest that is part of the Atlanta Botanical Garden, with aims to move to other environments and conservation projects in South America.

Slowness as Design Principle

SlothBot hangs from a cable between the trees in Storza Woods, Atlanta Botanical Garden. Image source: Rob Felt, Georgia Tech [photograph]. Retrieved 22 June 2022, from https://www.ece.gatech.edu/news/636291/slothbot-garden-demonstrates-hyper-efficient-conservation-robot

In a paper from 2019, Gennaro Notomista, Yousef Emam, and Magnus Egerstedt, roboticists working on SlothBot, describe how the robot is designed with long-term, low-powered environmental monitoring in mind. The authors note that SlothBot's mechanical and technological design prioritises energy efficiency and fail-safeness so as to be more self-sustaining than other technologies used in environmental and agricultural monitoring such as quadcopters.

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