Regnskogfondet (Rainforest Foundation Norway) and The Engine Room, a non-profit organisation focusing on the use of technology and data in social justice movements, have created an online primer for using technology to support work on rainforest issues, land and Indigenous rights.

Using Technology in Rainforest Social Movements

Rainforest Primer
The Rainforest Technology Primer cover. Image source: The Engine Room [screenshot]. Retrieved 22 September 2022, from https://library.theengineroom.org/rainforest-tech/

The Rainforest Technology Primer is designed to support projects organising for rainforest protection and forest peoples' rights, with a focus on planning and design with technologies. The guide introduces a range of app -based, mapping , satellite , drone, and audio-visual technologies, along with evaluations of these technologies. The primer also includes case studies and discusses practical considerations for working with and managing data in and around rainforest environments. It signposts out to further resources on open data, digital security, and forest monitoring in a range of languages.

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