Researching digital infrastructures for biodiversity monitoring in the Netherlands reveals many ongoing initiatives and plans for digital innovation. As a smaller country with a particularly catastrophic biodiversity decline over the last decades and a large well-funded digital innovation sector, this area evolves quickly. This logbook details some of the ongoing projects.

IUCN, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Launch National Dashboard Biodiversity

On May 22, 2024, the consortium of environmental organisations in the Netherlands launched the National Dashboard Biodiversity . This online dashboard provides an overview about the current state of the Dutch environment and shows whether nationally determined goals for restoring biodiversity in 2030 are being obtained.

The 14 goals that guide biodiversity restoration are divided into four different themes: improving biodiversity, protecting and expanding nature, decreasing pressures on biodiversity, and stimulating systemic change. Based on these themes, the developers selected previously defined indicators . Most indicators show that biodiversity is not improving enough to obtain the 2030 goals, such as the ecological quality of water . A few of the indicators are showing positive developments, for instance in the increase of nature areas in the country.

The National Dashboard Biodiversity can be accessed via: https://dashboardbiodiversiteit.nl/


Screenshot of the visual overview of the National Dashboard Biodiversity, retrieved on June 10, 2024 from https://dashboardbiodiversiteit.nl/

Wageningen, Netherlands

Samen voor Biodiversiteit

The digital platform 'Samen voor Biodiversiteit' is a Dutch project developed by Stichting Deltaplan Biodiversiteitsherstel and lists more than 100 local biodiversity restoration initiatives. Many of these are local citizen initiatives. The radio episode with Fleur Bokma, former ecologist at Stichting Deltaplan Biodiversiteitsherstel provides more details about this platform:

Fleur Bokma header

A screenshot of all the ongoing biodiversity restoration projects in the Netherlands listed on the Samen Voor Biodiversiteit platform. Image source: Samen voor Biodiversiteit [screenshot]. Retrieved 15 March 2024 from https://www.samenvoorbiodiversiteit.nl/projecten.

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