The Igrarapé Institute is a Brazilian thinktank working on issues of public, climate, and digital security. The Institute has developed a platform to visualise data on environmental crime in the Amazon rainforest and its impacts on Indigenous and traditional communities and biodiversity.

Mapping Environmental Crime in the Amazon

Igarape EcoCrime Data
Screenshot of the Igarapé EcoCrime data platform. Image source: Igarapé Institute [screenshot]. Retrieved 28 September 2022, from https://ecocrime.igarape.org.br/explore

The EcoCrime data visualisation tool allows users (including decision- and policymakers, journalists, activists, researchers, and everyday people) to trace patterns in environmental crimes, and to follow particular stories and experiences. In acting as a kind of storymap, the platform offers multiple ways to interact with data and to think across scales. Types of environmental crime the platform tracks include deforestation, illegal mining, soy, oil, and gas production facilities, and attacks on environmental defenders. The platform draws together datasets from a range of other projects, such as Imazon's PrevisIA tool, which uses AI to predict deforestation and fires in the Amazon.

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