ARBIMON (Automated Remote Biodiversity Monitoring Network) is a cloud-based platform for storing and analysing audio recordings, and an important early conservation eco-acoustics venture. It was co-founded by Mitch Aide and colleagues at the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras. Now associated with Rainforest Connection, the ARBIMON system is the basis for a variety of eco-acoustical studies (including frogs, insects, birds, and monkeys), the vast majority within forested conservation areas in Latin America.

ARBIMON Platform

Diagram of ARBIMON data acquisition. Image source: Aide et al. (2013) [diagram]. Retrieved 28 March 2022, from https://peerj.com/articles/103/

The original ARBIMON website allowed users to view, listen, and annotate audio recordings, and featured a tool to help users create machine learning algorithms to automate species identification. Subsequent iterations, including the newer Rainforest Connection ARBIMON platform, have increasingly sophisticated tools for pattern matching audio data and analysing soundscapes.

Screenshot of a data visualisation spectogram from the RCFx Tembé Brazil Project. Image source: ARBIMON / RCFx [screenshot]. Retrieved 28 June 2022, from https://arbimon.rfcx.org/project/rfcx-temb-brazil-project/visualizer/rec/28434613

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