The Amazon Tall Tower Observatory (ATTO) emerged from a German-Brazilian research project begun in 2009. Centred around a 325m steel tower, the observatory records meteorological, chemical, and biological data to explore cycles between the forest, the soil , and the atmosphere, and climate impacts in the Amazon.

ATTO Research

The 325m tower at the Amazon Tall Tower Observatory. Image source: Jorge Saturno / ATTO [photograph]. Retrieved 27 July 2022, from https://www.attoproject.org/about-atto/atto-basics/

Research at ATTO uses data collected at the station to study meteorology, greenhouse gases, forest ecology, and cycles of matter in the Amazon, among other processes. Some of ATTO's datasets are freely available to the public via the observatory's data portal. Importantly, long-term multi-scalar environmental research at ATTO takes place in socio-political contexts, including national governmental challenges to climate science.

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